Monday, May 22, 2017

Common Thoughts: Manako

God is probably just minding his own business.

I saw him,
his eyes were flat like the sea when the air is suffocating.
At night, shining, black.
What's his name?
I'll call him Yohei.

I guess I'm the only idiot in the world that thought that.

When I walk I don't know what to do with my hands.
Should I keep them still? It would look strange,
but when I realise I sway swaying feels unnatural.

If God can see everything he must have seen some weird shit.
That's why he just minds his own business.
I would too.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I'm green and fresh and vegetable.
I've grown but still am, never done.

Don't expect me to know what the tree knows,
don't expect me to understand how he's felt.

When I've yet to bloom my first flower,
And still shine with the chlorophyll sheen.

Don't ask me to know where the wind goes,
don't as me to tell what he's seen.

I've yet to be withered by winter, 
my stem's yet to bister and thin.

Do not hope I should have known,
like I should not have hoped I would.

--Moi, Lapine.--

New God of the Rising Sun I: Demeter

Rise! Awaken!
The earth has shaken!

The earth split and ripe with butterflies,
Bright colouring and life thriving, 
Abundant, aplenty.

To run barefoot through fields,
chasing the wings that I cannot catch.
To love the feeling of feeling love.

Rise! Awaken!
The thunder's stricken!

To chase the bird now turned to crow,
black magpie pecking upon my back.
Song to coo to caw.

The wind cold and heavy,
the breath sick and sad.
The ribs giving way to the un-derstand.

Escapee to a kind hold
that I cannot withstand.

Je t'ai voulu.

--Moi, Lapine.--

Monday, January 16, 2017

Nineteen Twenty-six

Bite me open and tear my heart
In you I can glimpse a wolf

You play a game you're not aware of
Or are not in the know that I know

I hope to play and stand my ground
But I'll acquiesce if it is you

Fields upon lakes and prairies
To you I'm what but still a child

Your words are sweet, ripe, overflowing
Flutter into the groves of my chest

Your silence like the winter howling
Bite me open and tear my heart


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mevrouw Paraplu

I am the umbrella lady
Black in frills and transparent

I'm salted, rusted, calcified
From being at the beach with friends

I am the umbrella lady
Ribbon twirls and clasps my flaps

Even if I ripped my leather handle
I'll never stop my dance

Monday, December 26, 2016

Je Te Veux

Si tu as compris ma détresse:
Arrêtez, chère aimée.
Si tu as compris mon désarroi:
S'il vous plaît, cesse-ça.

Don't get my hopes up in dismay,
with constant praise that makes me ripple.
Don't put my heart in disarray,
with sweet words you think so simple.

Don't speak to me with that pure voice
that you speak with to everyone else,
because my heart grows wings and bats,
and I'll be a rat left to the cats.

I cannot brush it off
and playfully flirt or laugh,
When you call me beautiful
and your silence renders me pitiful.

I cannot calmly deal
how nervous you make me feel.
I know now that all was lies:
My heart is the home of butterflies.

Do you call someone else so charming?
Or are your compliments only mine?
I find your manner quite disarming,
and want to hear it all the time.

Je te veux.

Leur Lapine

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

From Eden, Spanish Translation

Now, dearest darlings, I am aware that there must be many lyric translations of this song out there (as is the case with most songs nowadays). However, I thoroughly enjoy the lyrics and wanted to make a translation of my own. This will not be accurate nor completely faithful, since I wanted to rewrite it with the feelings that it gives me. If you are amused as well, then I shall be even more merry. The original song in Hozier's From Eden. I normally do not like to write in Spanish, since it is my native language and I feel as if I'll bare my feelings too much, which is something I do not like. Nevertheless, I felt an impulse to do this, and I quite love the song.

Desde el Edén

Hay algo trágico de ti,
algo de ti que me es tan mágico,
¿no te parece?

Hay en ti algo tan solitario,
algo tan completo y puro.
Acércate a mi.

Sin suspiros de fastidio, sin ojos en blanco, sin ironías.
Sin decir "¿a quién le importa?", sin echarme miradas vacías,
sin tener tiempo para mí.

Amor, me eres tan familiar, como mi espejo hace años lo fue.
El idealismo sentado en prisión, 
la caballerosidad que en su espada calló.
La inocencia murió a gritos, amor.
Pregúntame, yo debería saberlo.
Me deslicé hasta aquí desde el Edén,
solo para acercarme a tu puerta.

Me deslicé desde el Edén, solo para esconderme en tu portico.

Leur Lapine