Sunday, April 8, 2018

Apiece Apiece

Dearest Mother, I cry tonight,
for I miss you with all my might.

Plucked by my restless feet from where I was born,
I was not sent but I chose to run.
The thread that ties me to you is pulled, strung,
painfully stretched but never torn.

A faraway song calls to me,
above the sky, leaping through the sea.
Singing louder until I reach
your outstretched hand upon the beach.

Mamá, did you cry?
When you and your mother
bid each other goodbye?
And mamá, did you cry again?
The second, third, and fourth
time, and time again?

I might more than just a child, but,
Dearest Mother, I cried that night.

Saturday, September 2, 2017


The things I don't want to watch
I'll run upstairs and close the hatch

In order to keep them satisfied
I'll stretch my skin into a smile

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


I feel this looming presence
that everything will go wrong
Like a cat sitting on a dead man's chair
I disregard where I belong

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I'm green and fresh and vegetable.
I've grown but still am, never done.

Don't expect me to know what the tree knows,
don't expect me to understand how she's felt.

When I've yet to bloom my first flower,
And still shine with the chlorophyll sheen.

Don't ask me to know where the wind goes,
don't ask me to tell what he's seen.

I've yet to be withered by winter, 
my stem's yet to bistre and thicken.

Do not hope I should have known,
like I should not have hoped I hoped.

Lapine, non.

New God of the Rising Sun I: Demeter

Rise! Awaken!
The earth has shaken!

The earth split and ripe with butterflies,
Bright colouring and life thriving, 
Abundant, aplenty.

To run barefoot through fields,
chasing the wings that I cannot catch.
To love the feeling of feeling love.

Rise! Awaken!
The thunder's stricken!

To chase the bird now turned to crow,
black magpie pecking upon my back.
Song to coo to caw.

The wind cold and heavy,
the breath sick and sad.
The ribs giving way to the un-derstand.

Escapee to a kind hold
that I cannot withstand.

Je t'ai voulu.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Nineteen Twenty-six

Bite me open and tear my heart
In you I can glimpse a wolf

You play a game you're not aware of
Or are not in the know that I know

I hope to play and stand my ground
But I'll acquiesce if it is you

Fields upon lakes and prairies
To you I'm what but still a child

Your words are sweet, ripe, overflowing
Flutter into the groves of my chest

Your silence like the winter howling
Bite me open and tear my breast


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mevrouw Paraplu

I am the umbrella lady
Black in frills and transparent

I'm salted, rusted, calcified
From being at the beach with friends

I am the umbrella lady
Ribbon twirls and clasps my flaps

Even if I ripped my leather handle
I'll never stop my dance